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Dual county, a Gaelic games county which in both Gaelic football and hurling. Dual diagnosis, a psychiatric diagnosis of co-occurrence of substance abuse and a mental problem. Dual fertilization, simultaneous application of a P-type and N-type fertilizer. Dual impedance, electrical circuits that are the dual of each other.
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- In DEFLECT mode swiping left or right will give the ball a quick boost in either direction. KOMAR's' bullets will now also hone in on enemy bullets. DUAL is made by a one man team so apologies for the long breaks between updates.
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2 a: consisting of two parts or elements or having two like parts: double families with dual incomes held dual citizenship in France and the U.S. a dual function a dual exhaust system. b: having a double character or nature.
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1992, Colin McLarty, Elementary Categories, Elementary Toposes, Clarendon Press ISBN, page 77 Every category is dual to its own dual, so if a statement holds in all categories so does its dual. having two components: double, twin; see also Thesaurusdual.:
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