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Vue.js Prerender: Melhorando o SEO do seu SPA SharkLabs.
Adicione o seguinte código no seu projeto preferencialmente dentro do arquivo main.js.: import Vue from vue; import VueMeta from vue-meta; Vue. Agora é só declarar dentro de cada componente as Meta Tags que você pretende utilizar.: template div div About page / div any code here / div / template script export default name: About, metaInfo: htmlAttrs: lang: pt-BR, title: About, meta: name: descrition, content: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit., Se você quer mais informações sobre a importância das Meta Tags para o SEO, veja este artigo da Rock Content. Importante para SEO: Você sabe o qual é o papel do Se não sabe, vou tentar ir direto ao ponto: Imagine que dentro do seu site tem um número de telefone, mas os buscadores Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc não sabem que aquilo é um número telefone e nem a quem pertence.
Angular / VueJS / React SEO? Designer News.
over 4 years ago from Stephen Kempin, Front End Developer Designer. I'm' considering building my new portfolio site with Vue JS. I come from a Wordpress background, and am well versed in doing SEO on WP and static sites. How would SEO in a VueJs / React / Angular app compare?
Vue 3 and SEO: vuejs.
And second, i know client-side apps had a bad rep bad in the days for SEO, ofc your HTML is empty. But how is the situation nowdays? Especially with Vue 3 which is supposedly smaller in size and faster to load so it should be a bit less of a problem for crawlers from Google or duckduck go right? I thought about Server Side Rendering but honesly my app is too dynamic" for that. And also it adds some load on the server that has to parse this JS and HTML and in the beginning my website will be hosted on pretty low-level machines.
Vue SEO and Reasons to Use NUXT for Your App
It means that if SEO is critical for your Vue app, you should take an extra step and implement server-side rendering. To take advantage of SSR, youll have to build an isomorphic universal Vue app with a Node.js server on its backend.
JavaScript, PWA, and SEO: how to make in the right way? Divante.
The indexation flow for classical HTML and JS apps differs strongly; to index JS apps Googlebot requires lot more resources and time. Google officially stated that The rendering of JavaScript-powered websites in Google Search is deferred until Googlebot has resources available to process that content. Source: Google I/O 18. These are just a few examples of the pitfalls you may encounter when working with your app SEO. You can learn many more details about how JavaScript apps are indexed by reading Ultimate guide to JavaScript SEO. SEO techniques in PWAs. OK, so lets check how we can deal with the JavaScript SEO challenges based on our own case study. Vue Storefront is a standalone Progressive Web App storefront for your eCommerce, able to connect with any eCommerce backend eg.
VueJS: Vn SEO vi Vue.js V1Study.
Easier to deploy. SPAs are plain html, js and css images in the end. You can deploy them on any static hosting service which are cheap or even free. You have only 1 html page. Even if you have multiple routes, you end up with a single html file. This means you cannot do SEO for each page differently.
seo vue.js nuxt.js How, does NUXT optimize the SEO of URL - referenced pages?
modify the jump in the project to use JS control the jump to use a tag jump html code. go to the main gate bbs weibo post bar, bury some anti - chain don't' brush, you will be degraded to the drainage. project indexing, visual view SEO insufficient.
Nuxt - Meta Tags and SEO.
Nuxt lets you define all default meta tags for your application inside the nuxt.config.js file using the head property. This is very useful for adding a default title and description tag for SEO purposes or for setting the viewport or adding the favicon. nuxt.config.js export default head: title: 'my' website title'' meta: charset: utf-8, name: viewport, content: 'widthdevice-width, initial-scale1'' hid: description, name: description, content: 'my' website description'' link: rel: icon, type: image/x-icon, href: favicon.ico. This will give you the same title and description on every page. You can also add titles and meta for each page by setting the head property inside your script tag on every page.: pages/index.vue script export default head: title: 'Home' page'' meta: hid: description, name: description, content: 'Home' page description'' script. Use head as an object to set a title and description only for the home page.
Schulung Vue.js SEO Workshop - in Köln oder Online, Virtual Classroom, Köln Events bei XING.
Der Workshop geht auf die speziellen Probleme von Vue.js und SEO ein. Wer teilnehmen sollte: Programmierer und Projektleiter, die eine Applikation mit Vue.js hinsichtlich SEO verbessern möchten. Inhalt: Vue.js SEO: Wie man es SEO-freundlich macht. Verwenden Sie den 'History'-Modus' anstelle des traditionellen 'Hash'-Modus.
Vue SEO and Reasons to Use NUXT for Your App
Considering the SEO challenges that all single-page apps SPAs face, dont treat your Vue app SEO-friendliness as an afterthought. Rather than being a small detail to fix later, its a factor that may predefine how your app will be built on the whole.

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